Product Testimonials


Dr. Gil Plummer, Vet for small animals. Nobleton, Ontario
“Dogs of all ages can benefit from using Equinetics Magnetic pads  to sleep on. For slowing down the onset of various ailments, as well as helping with relief from existing ones.”

Ann Harris, Mt.Albert, Ontario
“My best field  trial dog was crippled with pain before using an Equinetics Magnetic pad  to lie on. Between that and Dr.Plummer, she has made a full recovery, which was at one point not an option and we were sure she was going to be put down as nothing helped until we used the pad. then we saw an improvement in her mobility (she was virtually unable to move) and lessening of her pain with only the pet pad, which gave us a ray of hope. Now she hardly ever uses the pad and is back to doing field trials, much to the disbelief of a couple of people who said she was beyond hope! We keep the pad as our other dogs use it, and also visiting dogs won't stay off it! We were so impressed by our dog, we bought a bed one for ourselves!”

Kerry, student at U of T
“We were told that my Jack Russell terrier would have to be put down as his arthritis was crippling him at 6 years old. We bought an Equinetics Magnetic pad  for him to sleep on. he just died of natural causes at 22,(same age as myself) having lived a normal bouncy life until the end, and the pad was the only treatment he got for his problems, so you tell me if it was all in his head!”

Rick, R & B Sewing Machines, Oak Ridges, Ont.
“Our dog could not go up and down the stairs due to pain and getting older, and presumably arthritis, until we purchased an Equinteics Magnetic pad  for her to lie on. She now can even jump on the bed again after running up the stairs. It has given her back her normal life again rather than being in pain and discomfort for the rest of her life, and being miserable as our bed is her favorite place ( it now has her pad on there too!”

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