Many natural hot springs in Japan and other countries like France such as the Holy Spring of Lourdes, boasts miraculous healing powers. Scores of people sit in these hot springs for hours, not only to relax, but to also benefit from the therapeutic qualities that are now being attributed to the recent discovery of the presence of Germanium in the springs.

We now present to you our valued customers, the healing effect of these famous hot springs in a simple bead that contains 99.99% pure non-organic Germanium. This bead, when adhered to affected areas of the body, is known to diminish pain and improve performance.

Non-organic Germanium can be found in the minerals within the soil of the earth's crust. A solid substance, it is harvested from the earth much like Titanium is. In nature, non-organic Germanium particles are absorbed into the soil and ground water, creating the healing hot springs and eventually turning into organic Germanium, which is found in plants such as agaricus mushrooms, garlic, ginseng, etc.-plants that are known to have medicinal qualities.

Non-organic Germanium, under specific conditions, is a semiconductor of electricity. Free electrons, vibrating on the surface of Germanium particles, move with the slightest change in temperature and light.

It is a known fact that within the human body there is a balance of positive and negative electrical currents that regulate the various bodily functions. When this balance falls out of sync due to stress, overwork, and /or a lack of sleep, the body begins to ache as a result. These aches and pains, a signal to the body to achieve balance once again, is caused by too many positive ions. The body must now gain negative ions, which is known to improve blood circulation and balance the body's bio electricity. In turn, the compensation of negative ions increase the body's natural healing ability.


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